Women are becoming weaker versions of men


A while back Amber Rose held a “Slut Walk” to combat slut shaming and this led to me thinking about feminism, sluts and women in general as well as the “state of woman” in America. — Me being a regular reader of Reddit I went to the link above to see random unfiltered perspectives on slut shaming–

Feminism has turned women into weaker versions of men. You have people praising Ronda Rousey for being the best fighter in the world –something she could never be. — You have women wanting to be in the marines. — Why would we want women to be marines? — And the worst offense in my opinion, women embracing the slut label and being promiscuous.

Which leads to the question why are women embracing promiscuity? — Or for the purpose of this post being a slut —

I know for a fact that within the brains of all men and women lie this little thing called “Truth”. We can play these little games where we try and overlook the truth for the benefit of another person’s feelings but we all know what’s right and what’s wrong.

These 3 things are 100 percent wrong and under no circumstance ok.

  1. Promiscuous women
  2. Women embracing the slut label
  3. Slut shaming

One is wrong because women naturally crave one man. Feminist ideology has caused women to go against their nature and try to compete with men at things we’re naturally good at. Wanting to screw as many women as possibly is something that men naturally value. — Women who value sex this way are going against nature.–

Two is wrong because women embracing the slut label will guarantee men lose respect for them. — We’ll still have sex with you, but don’t expect flowers during Valentine’s day–.

Three is wrong because slut shaming is the wrong way to go about trying to do something noble. — Saving women from both 1 and 2–

It’s in analyzing these three truths that I came to my conclusion as to why women are attempting to embrace being quote unquote “Sluts”.

They want to be men.

Being a woman can be a depressing thing if you buy into the feminist rhetoric that permeates society. Buying into feminist ideology makes women feel like they have to be strong and never show emotion. Makes them feel like they have to live up to standards set by men. Makes them hate being the physically weaker species.

It’s a dangerous thing that needs to be stopped. I believe women need to embrace being female and stop trying to compete with men.

They’ll never win.

But I must say to all my female readers. Us men can’t beat you at being female. Perhaps you should realize that. — Perhaps it’ll lead to happiness. —



Ben Carson Isn’t an Uncle Tom, but I understand!

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Here are three things I don’t care about you knowing or feeling.

  1. I don’t care if you’ve heard Ben Carson is an Uncle Tom from other black people.
  2. I don’t care if you’re black and believe deep deep down in the pit of your stomach that Ben Carson is an Uncle Tom.
  3. And I do not care if you proudly wave the Uncle Tom flag and you feel Ben Carson is one too because you see so much of yourself in him.

Ben Carson is not an Uncle Tom. — But like Chris Rock joked about O.J Simpson killing his wife, I can jokingly understand him getting that label. The only thing is people aren’t joking their dead serious!–

The reason for Carson not getting the support of blacks and being labeled an Uncle Tom is he doesn’t fit the Hip Hop/Motown archetype that most popular blacks in this country fit.

Ask yourself why where White, Asian, Hispanic and Black youths pro Obama? Is it because he was a democrat? Is it because he was black? Or both?

The answer to the question is Hip Hop and Motown and the swag that comes with those two genres of music.

When Obama shouts out the likes of Lil Wayne and Jay Z or does an impromptu cover of “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. He does something very powerful for his image.

He shows he’s authentically cool, something young people such as myself gravitate towards more than actual qualifications — not saying you can be unqualified and still get are support –.

This is why despite his nerdy way of talking or aristocratic vibe, he gets the votes of young people and those who value coolness matched with intelligence.

Ben Carson on the other hand seems like the type of guy who likes “Elevator Music” and taking naps after drinking a glass of warm milk.

Quite frankly he seems like a boring, uncool dude. — kinda like me but not as young —

A dude who would tell you to get off his lawn if your baseball accidentally rolled into his lawn.

— do people still play baseball by the way? I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen kids playing it outside of an organized setting. Must be the Carson’s of the world getting their way. —

A dude who would call the housing authority because your kid’s birthday party woke him up from his daily afternoon nap.

A dude who would highly object to you calling him a dude because he has never smoked pot and that’s what dudes do.

This is where the Uncle Tom label comes from. Blacks in America who don’t illustrate a connection to traditionally black music, essentially lose black support. — You could essentially call Carson the black version of Ben Stein. Something that’ll get you called an Uncle Tom for sure, just ask Thomas Sowell–


Chris Rock – I understand

Obama singing Al Green

Ben Stein being… well… Ben Stein




A Rant on Comment Sections

Growing up in an environment where the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” was the motto. I’m saddened by what comment sections are reveling about our society.

Through hawkish like observation, I see the damaging effects internet comment sections are having on the world.

It’s promoting a level of sensitivity where the actual content of a post/article is not what’s important, it’s the comments and strange interpretations people have that get the most attention and cause people to react.

— You could say the people who read and comment are so thinned skin, they would probably make for good condom material, but a material that thin would probably break under repeated stress —

Now let’s be clear, I’m not saying I’m emotionless and have a heart made of ice, but a lot of the superfluous emotion and extreme theories can be done away with in favor of more reasoned dialogue.

— I often wonder how many of these people have children and get shivers down my spine —

I already see signs this is leading to a society where men will become as sensitive/ catty as pageant queens and women will be forced to lose their femininity and become less emotional to support the men.

If you look at the way Donald Trump whines about being treated fairly and accuses female moderators of being angry because their on their periods.

— This is the new way of handling things, this is similar to the actions of an online troller. No masculinity whatsoever —

Contrast that with Carly Fiorina going on “The View” confronting Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Bayard about comments they made about her appearance. You can see why I’m so concerned.

— This is the old school way of handling things, addressing the issue presented and not lashing out like a troll. Masculinity is on full display, no offense to Mrs. Fiorina —

This may be hard to believe for some of you but every time I go online and see the Kardashians being analyzed and it is not about how they look in some jeans. I cry a little on the inside. — I really do —

How could a sex tape of whatever Hollywood star is popping at the time, be the reason for civilization as we know it crumbling as a lot of comment sections proclaim?

— Prostitutes have been around forever, just because some get paid in movie contracts doesn’t change things–

How did we get to this point where everyone has to have an opinion that is either the end of the world or the greatest thing ever?

Is there no longer room for grey areas? Must everything be black and white?


Twerking is Atheism at Work

For the last couple of months this twerking fascination which the atheist media has become a big supporter of, has led me to believe that women are one of the biggest casualties of radical atheism. ( i want to emphasize radical because most atheist rely on religious morals so their ok.)

Mertavius what are you talking about?

I’ll explain,  its only a godless person who would put a young woman on TV for her to shake her ass for the world to see. ( Miley Cyrus I’m talking to you. Madonna I’m talking to you. Brittney Spears I’m talking to you. Black women in hip hop videos I’m talking to you) You have to look at it from the perspective of religion to understand what I’m talking about. A Christian, Muslim or Jew would never condone such behavior.( the Muslims don’t even want their women exposing their heads) That’s how we know the media promotes atheism. If you don’t believe me turn on the T.V go to the Muslim channel or the Jewish channel and if you see Miley Cyrus on their shaking her ass then you can say I’m wrong.

Most of the progressive/inclusive behavior you see today( more risqué behavior on primetime television, homosexuality becoming acceptable in churches and a myriad of other liberal issues) are a product of atheists influencing the national agenda. If you think back a couple of years ago twerking was a dance only seen in the black community( which also has an atheism problem) in strip clubs and rap videos, now you see it on the national stage.

If you open your mind just a little bit you can see how atheism is connected so deeply with culture and why its a problem. It’s led women to thinking its ok to express their sexuality in public by shaking their asses.( and I bet theirs a lot of women who would disagree with me which is a shame.) Its made the feminist movement which also became infected with atheist principles, the champion of such behaviors.

Bottom line, atheism is not bad its radical atheism which needs to be watched. When I see women on T.V twerking( even though I like it, but that’s because I’m a man. What about the women who like this stuff?) I think to myself, if atheist takeover who will decide what’s moral? If we let the radical atheist make those decisions I fear it could be a time in which to live.


The Profile of an Atheist: Traits To Be Very Aware Of

The Profile of an Atheist: Traits To Be Very Aware Of

Atheist claim to be normal people who’s only difference between you and me is a lack of a belief in God. We all know this isn’t the case. Their are special traits you can use to identify an atheist so when they begin to make you feel stupid for believing in God you can understand why their able to do so.

Poor Black Men

Poor black men, the ones who need religion the most. Are most frequently atheist without even realizing the correct term for their belief system. The reason poor black men are atheist is simple. Most of them have experienced racism resulting in unemployment, underemployment and a lack of love from their environment. Poor black men often resort to selling drugs, pimping women or a myriad of illegal activities because they feel their is no hope for them doing it the right way and it provides them with a lot of money( this money leads to a comfortable life, which leads them to believe God doesn’t exist because their doing evil things and are living a good life). Be aware of poor black culture because poor black men will make you feel “corny” and “lame” for going to church or quoting scriptures. Continue reading “The Profile of an Atheist: Traits To Be Very Aware Of”

Oprah’s Comments – Mini Rant

Oprah’s Comments

Yes you’ve read it correctly, the article is titled “Oprah’s Comments”. Just sit and think how this black women from some dirt poor background is so powerful and influential.( and we all know aint to many black people, male or female this powerful.) That when ever she makes a statement, white people sit back and take notice to what she happens to be sayin.( Let Flavor Flav little black ass say something outrageous. Besides his baby’s mamas, aint nobody finna pay attention.) So what did Oprah say that has everybody in an uproar?

Basically she said people in congress are making things hard for the black man in the white house.( if you don’t know who that is, Barack Obama)

She may be right, but the reason i would have preferred she not say anything. Eventually someone was going to get caught slippin and say something dumb.( I’m lookin at you Mitt Romney, with your 47 percent comment) If Oprah would sit back and say race is not an issue, she would be able to make a more powerful statement when a comment like this actually came out. Using the race card right now is pointless because the president actually screwed up big time, and for her to say it right now makes Oprah look foolish.



RG3, McNabb and the plight of the White Quarterback

RG3, McNabb and the plight of the White Quarterback

A self inflicted gunshot to the head or an errant interception. When it comes to the black quarterback their really is no difference between the two. I usually could give two cents about athletes and the criticisms that come their way, but I noticed a startling trend when it comes to guys like Robert Griffin and Donovan McNabb.

If these guys don’t perform to the best of their abilities. the media( which consist of mostly white males) see it as their opportunity to bring the wrath of the football gods down upon thee. This isn’t even the worse offense. Even worse I’ve noticed black contemporaries taking the level of criticism to another level.( if I wasn’t so intelligent, I would be liable to call this uncle tom behavior. Thankfully I know this is not the case.)

What the case really is, if a black quarterback fails to live up to expectations, its a tragedy. If a white quarterback fails to live up to expectations its just another white quarterback the couldn’t cut the mustard. This my friends is the real problem. (Mertavius are you trying to say, black quarterbacks are expected to do more than white quarterbacks?)

That’s exactly what I’m trying to say, white members of the sports media give white quarterbacks a pass because they don’t feel their as athletic as black quarterbacks.( this doesn’t apply to just white quarterbacks, it applies to other positions and basketball as well.)

(Mertavius how do you propose we fix this problem?) Its very easy, white members of the media need to realize black quarterbacks are just like white quarterbacks. If they are going to be hard on RG3 or Donovan McNabb during his playing days, they should have the same level of criticism for the white quarterbacks.( or lets look at basketball, if their going to get on Carmelo Anthony every year he doesn’t win a championship, they should get on a guy like Kevin Love with the same level of criticism.)

Bottom line, the racial undertones in sports is one that is very strong. White men in sports media often find themselves in a position where they portray black athletes as being far superior to their white counterparts. This leads to the black athlete being criticized more, while the white athlete gets the pass.


Atheist Churches Unnecessary – The Daily Rant

Atheist Churches Unnecessary

Over and over I hear more and more people claim they don’t believe in religion so they say their atheist.( this trend is very frightening) Why is it so frightening? What happens when people don’t have an ever present authority figure to keep them in check?( I know I just answered a question with a question, but the answer to the overall question you get Atheist Churches.) Basically you get churches that really have no purpose, or maybe their is one.

A real good question to ask is why call yourself a church? If your an atheist and you don’t believe in religion, why create a church? I’ll tell you why( and you don’t have to take me serious, just keep this idea in your head in case it becomes true) They want to brainwash religious people into believing their something their not. A spiritual entity. Continue reading “Atheist Churches Unnecessary – The Daily Rant”

Royal Envy – The Daily Rant

Royal Envy

Im reading through Yahoo.com and I see an article titled ” The 6 Super Chic Other Royals you need to Know”. I think to myself why in the hell do I need to know who these people are?( I then realized I was not the target audience for this type of article)

The thing that helped me realize this fact was my skin color and me being a male.( I say my skin color because black people don’t care about white royals, or any royalty for that matter so I don’t single out African royals. I say me being a male because men don’t care about chicness, unless your gay then we can give you a pass on caring for chicness.) Two demographics, that royalty usually don’t appeal too and for good reason.

The reason royalty of any kind rarely appeals to black people and men, black people have are own subculture that allows us to create the people we look up too( this is what separates us the most from white people, everything other than hip hop and rhythm and blues music is white culture. So a black man or women enjoying royalty is something we weren’t taught to do. Are parents and grandparents had to enjoy black culture because they were discriminated against, so this carelessness for royalty has moved into the new generation of blacks.)

The other demographic. males, who can be from any race don’t care about royalty because men don’t like to be told what to do.( especially white men, do you know how much hell George Washington went through to avoid being subjected to the British) Our first president set the example of how the men of America should view royalty (As something that exist over their, but if you try to bring to America it will be slapped down)

The demographic who eats this stuff up, is the real backbone of America, White Women. Without white women you don’t have articles written about chic princes and princess, because its white women who consume the most pop culture related material. Think about it logically for a second before you scream I’m wrong. Why was princess Diana so popular? White Women wanted to look like her.( aint no sisters trying to look like Diana) Or what about all the tabloid stories about Prince Harry and his brother.

Bottom line, royalty is something I could care less about.( I know I wrote all that to say this simple sentence. Sue me!)

Why America became Number One

Why America became Number One

You ever see things that make you say ” nah that’s just a coincidence ” or ” theirs no way that could even be possible”? I see it all the time but remain silent because most people fear diving into the mind-blowing possibilities, but if your reading this, your probably not one of those people.

Look at the numbers 24 and 12 and tell me this is not the universe’s way of telling us, Dwight Howard is a huge mega superstar, but Kobe Bryant is 2 times what Dwight Howard is in terms of basketball. Don’t get me wrong here, im not calling anybody less of a man than the other( only a high paid, and I mean really high paid, escort could make such a claim) im saying that Kobe Bryan is a far better basketball player historically.

Or maybe it means Kobe is 2 times the asshole that Dwight is ( for this one we can ask that girl from Colorado or just ask past teammates. Either way I couldn’t verify it myself.) even if I cant get conformation from either of these very credible sources maybe Phil Jacksons book where he literal no pun intended ( for those who get it I love you, for those who don’t, I don’t love you.) trashes Kobe by calling him un coachable and a spoiled brat amongst a myriad of other things.

Here’s my favorite one, maybe its a scary conspiracy theory that I hear sprinkled around the internet. One of those theories that say; 24 divided by 12 equals 2 which symbolizes the amount of people that had to be sacrificed in order for these two individuals to play together.( don’t think this is just me making up stuff, well it really is but I hear or read stuff like this all the time on the internet.) I wish I could by into the conspiracy theory lifestyle because this would be the best one to investigate. Imagine the tabloids if we found out Kobe and Dwight sacrificed to human lives just to play basketball together. All those illuminati believers( well the illuminati is real, but the people im talking about create their own, false beliefs about the illuminati.) Would have a field day exclaiming to anybody who would listen that they knew all along.( and that would probably scare them the most because they knew and couldn’t do anything about it. Shows how powerless we all really are; well most of us at least.

Bottom line this post has no relevance to anything important, but their are studies that show, people who think abstractly have better lives. Enjoy this genious while you still can( before the man shuts me up)