Letitia James goes One on One with Good ole Mert!

New York Attorney General Letitia James

This week was a big week for Mertavius Roberts, a week that tested his ability to speak and hold his own against one of the biggest forces in New York City, New York Attorney General Letitia James!

Attending a Police Athletic League event put together by John Catsimatidis that was to honor her honor, the AG in a move that shows her grace and confidence under pressure, cut short what could have been a day long love affair to take question from a rambunctious, wealthy and influential audience.

There was a myriad of tough questions asked which Miss James handled with brilliance, the last one however gave a glimpse into why this Woman is in the position she’s in. In an intense back in forth with Mertavius she gave her insight into an aspect of crime that we in the black community have failed to deal with.

From Mert’s vocal cord’s to Miss James ears the question went like this.

“Miss James when I’m mentoring the youngsters in my community, what do I tell them when they ask me what they should do when they see wrong being done? Everyone is familiar with the concept of “Snitches get Stiches” how do I confidently tell these young men and women that going to the cops is a good idea when there’s a real possibility that they will be retaliated against for doing so?”

Her answer was honest and grounded in reality.

To sum up her main point, she made it clear that she was dedicated and committed to changing the mentality in the black community that telling is bad. She spoke about never wanting to go to another funeral again, were the perp who committed the murder was free on the street because people felt unsafe going to law enforcement.

I’m severely underreporting the back and forth, but it was an intense exchange that was insightful and enlightening to the people in attendance. The question left people wanting more but at that point the AG had to go, but overall people left pleased with how she handled herself.


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