Twerking is Atheism at Work

For the last couple of months this twerking fascination which the atheist media has become a big supporter of, has led me to believe that women are one of the biggest casualties of radical atheism. ( i want to emphasize radical because most atheist rely on religious morals so their ok.)

Mertavius what are you talking about?

I’ll explain,  its only a godless person who would put a young woman on TV for her to shake her ass for the world to see. ( Miley Cyrus I’m talking to you. Madonna I’m talking to you. Brittney Spears I’m talking to you. Black women in hip hop videos I’m talking to you) You have to look at it from the perspective of religion to understand what I’m talking about. A Christian, Muslim or Jew would never condone such behavior.( the Muslims don’t even want their women exposing their heads) That’s how we know the media promotes atheism. If you don’t believe me turn on the T.V go to the Muslim channel or the Jewish channel and if you see Miley Cyrus on their shaking her ass then you can say I’m wrong.

Most of the progressive/inclusive behavior you see today( more risqué behavior on primetime television, homosexuality becoming acceptable in churches and a myriad of other liberal issues) are a product of atheists influencing the national agenda. If you think back a couple of years ago twerking was a dance only seen in the black community( which also has an atheism problem) in strip clubs and rap videos, now you see it on the national stage.

If you open your mind just a little bit you can see how atheism is connected so deeply with culture and why its a problem. It’s led women to thinking its ok to express their sexuality in public by shaking their asses.( and I bet theirs a lot of women who would disagree with me which is a shame.) Its made the feminist movement which also became infected with atheist principles, the champion of such behaviors.

Bottom line, atheism is not bad its radical atheism which needs to be watched. When I see women on T.V twerking( even though I like it, but that’s because I’m a man. What about the women who like this stuff?) I think to myself, if atheist takeover who will decide what’s moral? If we let the radical atheist make those decisions I fear it could be a time in which to live.