The Benefits of Being an Athiest Are All Personal.

When I’m writing these post I often think to myself:

“Mertavius what could make being an atheist so fun and exciting?”

And I come to the conclusion that it must be the fact that an atheist can run as wild and free as they want too and not have to worry about any consequences.( The current atheists are very intelligent so I wouldn’t put it past them to be able to get away with whatever crime they want to commit. If atheism became more widespread and they had to take on the idiots who misinterpret the bible like us people of faith have to do. They would probably see why atheism on a widespread level is a bad thing.)

You see the current atheists are very smart and know how to behave. I know for sure if atheist were able to somehow raise their numbers significantly the downfall would be inevitable.

Mertavius, I know people hate when you ask yourself questions but I have to ask anyway, what makes you think the downfall would come if atheism became the dominant ideology?

I can answer that and appreciate the questions keep them coming Mert (haha) but the reason I can say this is because like I allude to in my post A Promoter of Atheism , any atheist will essentially be able to become God( they would probably call it something different as not to give people of religion something to call them out for). What I mean by that is once we do away with morality that is heavily based off religious texts, it would then be up to the individual to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Bottom line, atheism is the best thing you can be if you want to be free of any guilt and moral responsibility.( well Mertavius that’s wrong because my friends are atheist and all of them are morally responsible.) That may be true but once they stop feeling good about treating people the right way, they would have no objection to doing wrong if it made them feel good. The reason I can say this is because atheism is all about self. Unlike religion which holds you accountable to certain moral standards whether you like it or not.