Twerking is Atheism at Work

For the last couple of months this twerking fascination which the atheist media has become a big supporter of, has led me to believe that women are one of the biggest casualties of radical atheism. ( i want to emphasize radical because most atheist rely on religious morals so their ok.)

Mertavius what are you talking about?

I’ll explain,  its only a godless person who would put a young woman on TV for her to shake her ass for the world to see. ( Miley Cyrus I’m talking to you. Madonna I’m talking to you. Brittney Spears I’m talking to you. Black women in hip hop videos I’m talking to you) You have to look at it from the perspective of religion to understand what I’m talking about. A Christian, Muslim or Jew would never condone such behavior.( the Muslims don’t even want their women exposing their heads) That’s how we know the media promotes atheism. If you don’t believe me turn on the T.V go to the Muslim channel or the Jewish channel and if you see Miley Cyrus on their shaking her ass then you can say I’m wrong.

Most of the progressive/inclusive behavior you see today( more risqué behavior on primetime television, homosexuality becoming acceptable in churches and a myriad of other liberal issues) are a product of atheists influencing the national agenda. If you think back a couple of years ago twerking was a dance only seen in the black community( which also has an atheism problem) in strip clubs and rap videos, now you see it on the national stage.

If you open your mind just a little bit you can see how atheism is connected so deeply with culture and why its a problem. It’s led women to thinking its ok to express their sexuality in public by shaking their asses.( and I bet theirs a lot of women who would disagree with me which is a shame.) Its made the feminist movement which also became infected with atheist principles, the champion of such behaviors.

Bottom line, atheism is not bad its radical atheism which needs to be watched. When I see women on T.V twerking( even though I like it, but that’s because I’m a man. What about the women who like this stuff?) I think to myself, if atheist takeover who will decide what’s moral? If we let the radical atheist make those decisions I fear it could be a time in which to live.


25 thoughts on “Twerking is Atheism at Work

      1. No, sorry, you stepped over a line here. We both know very well, that your whole posting is a big, fat lie. Christians have visited whores for 2.000 years. Christians own the big companies who create personas like Brittney Spears. Christian marriages are more likely to get divorced than non-Christian ones. Muslims invented the concept of a marriage for an hour to be allowed fucking a women for money.

        Oh, yes, Christians are good showing the world a nice face, but behind that face, they watch porn, use hookers, do (and sell) drugs, etc.etc.etc. like all other people. And this is your hypocrisy. And the thought that liars like you, who live in some dreamland, where one is a moral upstanding person while still beating the shit of a hooker by night, may some day have anything to do with government is REALLY frightening.

      2. No one is saying that’s a lie, but whores, drug dealers and pornstars, all have high percentages of being non believers in faith of any kind or being agnostic.

        Like i said before the individuals might be religious but the message they send out is atheist.

        And your 100 percent right about all your points, i just have a different perspective than you

      3. Another lie. If you are a Christian, chances that you’ll commit a crime and go into jail are HIGHER than if you were an atheist – that includes rape, drug and prostitution charges. You can try to call these Christians atheists, but one fact is very clear: Christians are good at claiming that they are more moral than other people – what they are not good at, is actually BEING moral.

      4. but we know how to tell if a Christian is being moral or not we have a text

        how do we know if an atheist is being moral or not? its really up to the individual, which is why I’m addressing radical atheism

      5. I’ve also encountered a certain defensiveness in interacting with certain (but not all) atheists. I think it has a lot to do with so many popularizing atheism as a way of being on “the right side” (a la Dawkins and his fans)–making it their source of value as a person.

        At least, that would explain why so many are touchy about the negative implications of atheism.

      6. Yes, I think we all have those soft spots, don’t we?

        I suppose that’s the thing for me to remember–that I should know what triggers my own reactions, and figure out what to do about that.

        So, off to think on that.

      7. Facts? Jesus Christ man, you’ve got a lot to learn. For starters, you’re pretty blatantly racist. I’m sure other than those 3 white chicks, there’s a lot of other white girls shaking their asses on TV. And your generalization of “black women in music videos” kind of suggests ALL black women in music videos–which is probably something you weren’t ready to commit to print, but I’ll bet it crossed your mind (not that I can PROVE it, but I’m picking up the suggestion–and if someone as liberal as me did, I’ll bet right-wingers are gonna be all over that).

        Plus, your anti-atheism argument is pretty easily crushed–I’ll leave that to others. Not really worth my time to get into theology with someone that doesn’t understand theology.

        But the real credibility smasher is the last line:
        “if we let the radical atheist[s] make those decisions I fear it could be a time in which to live”

        What exactly are you saying by this? “It could be a time in which to live”? What the hell kind of sloppy editing is this? Shitty writing like this implies a lack of thought. Fail.

      8. you make some good points, I have to be more careful when writing post on my phone.

        Also your assumptions are wrong because your not looking at the video vixen culture that black women who dance in these videos talk about. Which includes them being passed around for sex and them being hooked on drugs.

        I also respect your opinion that I’m a crappy writer, no offense taken

    1. I’d say that the answer is somewhere between, here.
      Certainly, it is true that many Christians and other religious people have done the negative things you name. But the interesting discussion is over which system of belief actually supports that.

      If one believes that some forms of behavior are wrong, then it is significant that atheism entails nihilism–regardless of whether or not any particular person is being hypocritical.

      Of course, those hypocrisies do need to be pointed out as well–but we need to separate that from an attack on the stated beliefs which contradict actions.

      1. I agree im only giving one aspect of why things are the way they are. I’ve never claimed atheism to be the only the reason.( it is however a big reason, but not the only reason)

      2. Yes, belief does support that. That’s the problem with holy books, they can be read in so many ways – and were, often enough – written by people who lived in another age, with totally different (and often worse) rules.

      3. Yes, statements (in books or elsewhere) can be interpreted in almost any way–and some people come up with very negative ones.

        But I don’t see how this is either the fault of the books themselves or would be fixed by getting rid of the books. There’s always going to be some people who will justify anything with a misinterpretation–holy books or no.

        As to their having worse rules, this is only true if one accepts moral objectivism (which would lead us to theism). If one is a relativist, all one can ever say is that their goals are different from ours.

        As such, the relativist can’t say that the goals and rules laid out in holy books are any worse (or any better) than our own.

  1. You’re off the deep end. (Notice I wrote “you’re” and not “your.”) Seriously, man, you have a problem, which no doubt, if you admitted it, you’d blame on atheists, just as you blame everything you don’t like on atheists. You are a sick, sick person.

    1. I’m talking about radical atheist, I realize atheist believe I’m talking about atheism as a whole.

      If you can’t accept that maybe what I’m saying is true and its making you upset that I’m exposing you

      1. Radical atheist”? Is that different from a radical Christian? Based upon your rants, I think you are a radical Christian who blames everything you don’t like on atheists, radical or not. You blamed Black Friday on atheists. Now you’re blaming twerking on atheists. What don’t you blame on atheists?

        And if you seriously think what you’re saying is “true,” you have truly lost touch with reality. Just like those who say that the bible is the “true” word of god.

  2. Actually, I don’t know that a radical atheist is much different from a radical Christian. Radical is radical. How, pray tell, are they different?

    1. radical Christians can be corrected by other Christians who can explain to them the error of their thinking.

      theirs no correcting someone who only answers to themselves in terms of morality

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