The Profile of an Atheist: Traits To Be Very Aware Of

The Profile of an Atheist: Traits To Be Very Aware Of

Atheist claim to be normal people who’s only difference between you and me is a lack of a belief in God. We all know this isn’t the case. Their are special traits you can use to identify an atheist so when they begin to make you feel stupid for believing in God you can understand why their able to do so.

Poor Black Men

Poor black men, the ones who need religion the most. Are most frequently atheist without even realizing the correct term for their belief system. The reason poor black men are atheist is simple. Most of them have experienced racism resulting in unemployment, underemployment and a lack of love from their environment. Poor black men often resort to selling drugs, pimping women or a myriad of illegal activities because they feel their is no hope for them doing it the right way and it provides them with a lot of money( this money leads to a comfortable life, which leads them to believe God doesn’t exist because their doing evil things and are living a good life). Be aware of poor black culture because poor black men will make you feel “corny” and “lame” for going to church or quoting scriptures.

Traits to look out for:

  • willingness to sell drugs
  • will justify illegal activity by involving God
  • mistreats women without any regard for them
  • basically any negative behavior seen in Blaxploitation films and Rap Music( which is often exaggerated for effect)

Rich White Men and Women

Rich white men and women like poor black men suffer from a lack of love growing up. As discussed in the 5 pillars of atheism atheistic capitalism( capitalism doesn’t favor any religion hence its an atheist system. The same can be said for a variety of economics systems but at the moment capitalism is the most popular) leads to parents being so focused on making money, that religion becomes an afterthought. This leads to children being raised systematically( nannies, boarding schools, expensive summer camps) anything to keep the kid out of the parents head while they serve atheistic capitalism. These groups also like poor black men don’t realize their atheist, they are so consumed with Capitalism, religion becomes an afterthought.( don’t let a self identified atheist trick you into thinking that the only way you can be an atheist is if you proclaim yourself to be one) Another thing  be wary because Rich White Men and Women will flash money in your face and it might lead to you doing things that aren’t so moral.

Traits to look out for:

  • very arrogant because they lack a moral background( basically a rich spoiled brat)
  • will often be heavily involved in drugs and extreme partying( sex, drugs and rock and roll)
  • will without realizing do terrible things like stealing, lying and since they are powerful people ruin lives and have no problem doing so.

Intellectuals of All Races and Sexes

You’ve probably ran into these people, they enter into college start reading a few books. All of a sudden you have an atheist. How does this happen? Since I’ve seen it happen I can tell you. Intellectuals before they realize they have the gift of intelligence meet someone who can speak eloquently, quote facts like a walking encyclopedia and can prove all of their points with ease and often make people look stupid doing so. They get intrigued by this person become obsessed with learning as much as they can from this person.( this doesn’t have to be someone they know, it can be someone like Bill Maher or Christopher Hitchens) Be cautious of the intellectual because their confidence and flair for speaking about their atheism comes from an exhaustive pursuit of evidence to prove their point. So when you speak to them and tell them you believe they will be able to make you feel stupid.( just know they’ve spent countless hours practicing just for that moment; the moment to debate you on your belief and why its silly.)

Traits to look out for:

  • they have a propensity for veganism( most religious texts give man dominion of animals with few restrictions so people of faith would never start veganism because their would be no reason too. Chicken taste to damn good. Well maybe I shouldn’t say that I am black and 99 percent of black people like chicken)
  • Hollywood actors or actors of any respectability
  • will call you out for grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes even though they don’t affect the ability to comprehend your message. ( their are trolls who try to do this, but when an atheist does it they actually make sense so don’t be fooled)

Bottom line, spotting an atheist is something that is difficult to do because religion is often reserved for private. The reason I’m on this crusade to alert the world to atheist infiltration is not because atheism is bad, its because atheism has the potential to ruin the moral fabric of this country and the world.  In the 5 pillars of atheism I speak about some of the tools atheist use to accomplish some of their goals so in conjunction with this I hope to put the world on alert.

21 thoughts on “The Profile of an Atheist: Traits To Be Very Aware Of

    1. My apologies if I offended you I really don’t hate atheist, I could apply the same logic to extreme people of faith. The only differance would be the profiles and traits.

      1. Honestly, your postings all reek of paranoia and hate. It’s your time and honestly, I really don’t care personally, so, if you want to hate me and insult me just because I don’t share a certain belief, please, continue, but its sad to see someone spend his life this way. Can’t be a very happy life, if I may say so.

      2. I’m sorry you feel that way but I cant deny what I see.

        When you grow up around young black men who say their is no god and proceeded to commit heinous acts.

        You get to college which happens to be a Christian university in NYC and meet intellectuals who try at all cost to convince you god doesn’t exist.

        Then you make friends with rich white people who have the mentality I spoke about in this post.

        Its not that I have a bad life, its the fact that I’ve been exposed to atheism so much that I actually enjoy seeking out evidence of its infiltration into the mainstream. Most people don’t have the knowledge I do. So I must attempt to let people know.

      3. Let’s start with the easy thing: people try to convince you? How horrible! How could they? It’s not like Christians trying to convert you can be found almost everywhere. Oh, stop. it is like that. That’s life. People try to convince you of their views.

        The sad thing: There are more Christians in jail than atheists (even considering the fact that there are more Christians than atheists – Chances that you’ll commit a crime and go into if you are Christian are much higher than if you were an atheist). Secular countries (and states) have a lower crime rate than very religious ones. Should we continue? Your theory of amoral atheists simply isn’t true. I believe you, that you have seen such people, but as you should have learned in college – personal anecdotes are not basis for an argument.

        And yes, more and more people become atheists – or admit, that they are atheists. Calling it “infiltration” is simply another sign of your own paranoia and hatred. They are your brothers and sisters who don’t believe the same thing that you do. By calling it “infiltration” you try to make them sound like something from the outside – classical religious thinking. I don’t know where your hate comes from, but it only speaks ill of yourself, nothing more.

      4. I hate to say it but you are fitting the profile. How can you tell me I can’t use personel anecdotes?

        What else would I use to explain what I’ve seen

      5. I did not forbid you to use personal anecdotes. Personal anecdotes are simply worthless as evidence for the greater picture, that’s simply a fact. I have seen horribly bad Christians and very nice Christians. Neither can be used as an argument that Christians in general are horribly bad or very nice. There are many, many problems with using your personal experience as a basis for anything, this is why science tries to eliminate factors like personal bias, human error, etc. as far as possible, because one human can never be perfectly objective.

        And of course you CAN use personal anecdotes (how could I forbid it?) – you just will not be taken seriously be people who know, that the personal anecdotes of the next person can tell the exact opposite story. You will probably be taken seriously by people who already share your opinion – simply because it is also a fact, that, if two pieces of evidence are equal in every other aspect, the one that confirms your persona bias will be accepted much more readily (confirmation bias). But these people already share your opinion, so you are preaching the choir, which is pretty pointless.

        Personally, I always try to be careful with my personal experience. It might simply be an exception and not the rule. I am not the center of the universe.

      6. I get your point and respect your opinion. Its just my way of expressing myself about atheism.

        another reason I have to use personal experience is because atheist are usually very intelligent so any information I throw out, an atheist would be able to argue against it anyway.

        Its one of their traits being highly intelligent.

      7. Honestly, I doubt that. I know enough atheists – and most of them are intelligent, but that’s just because many of my friends have some form of degree, simply because that’s the type of people I know – to say that they can be as stupid as everyone else. And many of the Christians I know are also very intelligent (ok, probably because of the same reason). I never bought into the whole “atheists are more intelligent” thing.

        Of course, one could ask why you then don’t listen to them, if you think that they are highly intelligent 😉 And I really don’t see the connection why the assumed intelligence if atheists makes a personal anecdote more promising as an argument…

      8. I listen to atheist all the time, I have a few friends who are atheist all of them are extremely smart.( the poor black men I talked about in my post are very street smart and you’d be surprised how far that type of education can go.)

      9. I don’t think you have to be apologetic in any way. You are just stating your opinion, the way Atomic Mutant does in his blog. We all believe or don’t believe in something, and that’s our right. I don’t think your message projects hate. One thing that Atomic Mutant and others need to understand, is that pointing out the flaws of others is more a sign of hate, than stating the facts. If Atheists are stating things they believe to be fact, they can do so without attempting to hurt others. And for Atomic Mutant, from reading his blog, it seems as if someone who believes in God has hurt him terribly, and that is unfortunate. Keep doing your thang Mertavius

  1. Did you ever think the reason some atheist are able to refute everything you say is because what you say is wrong. Just ponder that for a moment. What you believe, may, actually, be, wrong. I know it is hard to admit you are wrong but the failure to admit it when overwhelming evidence is staring you in the face is the act of an immature person.

    1. It’s a defense. Not unlike William Lane Craig, who says that, if he is unable to convince you of God’s existence, that doesn’t mean he is wrong. It simply means that he is not a good enough apologist.

    2. Alex I understand what you are saying it makes total sense. Except my views aren’t facts their my opinions.

      So to someone like you they may be wrong and to somebody like jaisynaustin they may be maybe some truth to what I’m saying.

  2. Your ignorant generalizations are every bit as disgusting as those of the worst racists. I take great solace in the fact that your spelling and general writing style plainly convey your level of education and that your thoughts should not be taken seriously.

    1. Michael I understand your stance, and I say this with all due respect you are proving my point.

      You’re displaying traits I discussed within this very post.

      Theirs no reason to be mean to me because im not as educated as you may be.

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