Atheist Churches Unnecessary – The Daily Rant

Atheist Churches Unnecessary

Over and over I hear more and more people claim they don’t believe in religion so they say their atheist.( this trend is very frightening) Why is it so frightening? What happens when people don’t have an ever present authority figure to keep them in check?( I know I just answered a question with a question, but the answer to the overall question you get Atheist Churches.) Basically you get churches that really have no purpose, or maybe their is one.

A real good question to ask is why call yourself a church? If your an atheist and you don’t believe in religion, why create a church? I’ll tell you why( and you don’t have to take me serious, just keep this idea in your head in case it becomes true) They want to brainwash religious people into believing their something their not. A spiritual entity.

An atheist church by its nature has a religious or to broaden the range of possibilities, a spiritual ring too it. So to the average person this domesticates the otherwise devilish and mysterious view of an atheist, which is something you definitely want to watch for.( anytime somebody who dislikes you or disagrees with you; embraces something unique to you, you must be weary.)

Well Mertavius why are these atheist churches so bad, you still have clarified that yet? Its the subversive term “atheist church” that make them bad. In my opinion if you want to get a group of atheist together to talk, do so in a club or a organization. Why are you making an atheist church? What are you trying to teach?( now Mertavius you know they could just be trying to teach other atheist how to live a clean, safe, normal life.) This point is true but since their is no one atheist text that all atheist refer to such as the Bible or Koran. The subject matter in these churches, could be anything. So one church could be for atheist to respect their fellow man, and the next one could be for the destruction of their fellow man.

Bottom line, atheist churches like earlier Christian churches can either be completely positive or completely negative. Either way you wont find me at one.( real talk I don’t go to church that often anyway, so you think I’m bout to wake up to go to a church for atheist, hell no!) And God forgive me for not going to church! Please don’t be mad.

10 thoughts on “Atheist Churches Unnecessary – The Daily Rant

  1. “What happens when people don’t have an ever present authority figure to keep them in check?”

    Look around you. It happens all the time. It’s called “growing up”. You become an adult.

    1. haha nice try but your misunderstanding my point, the ever present authority figure I was referring too is God. Most people don’t do certain things because they don’t want God to look negatively upon them.

      1. Honestly, have you thought about what a bad person that makes you? Only behaving good (or not bad) because you fear a big father figure in the sky? That’s horrible.

        Who do you think is the better person? The one who does good because he thinks it’s the right thing to do or the one who only does it because he fears punishment from god? Did you really think about this argument, because it makes every atheists who acts in a good way almost a saint, while every christian who acts that way only a coward?

      2. No one acts good because they are born that way, they act good because they are taught to act good. So when you say an atheist is a nice person, its safe to assume they were taught that trait just like christians or muslims are taught in their mosques and churches.

  2. “A real good question to ask is why call yourself a church?”

    They mostly don’t. The ones I’ve seen call themselves The Sunday Assembly. It’s the media that’s calling them a church.

    1. The sunday assembly is to close to church jargon for me. The name emphasizes sunday, which shouldn’t be important unless your a church. Which traditionally meet on sunday.

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