What The Hillary Email Scandal Says Too Me

America is a place where being an aggressive person will always get you ahead in life. Think of all the people who are exceptionally talented in some way( whether it’s a drug dealer turned rapper named (insert any successful rappers name lol) or someone like Tony Hawk who took something as dumb as skateboarding and made an empire out of it, the same can be said for surfer Kelly Slater, BMXer Matt Hoffman and MTV star/Jackasser Bam Margera). The one common thread between them all is their aggressive in some respect. When I started to have thoughts about the email scandal with Hillary Clinton, the concept of elite aggressiveness flashed into my mind.

I know myself well enough to know why this concept came to my mind. Only aggressive people skirt rules the way Hillary Clinton appears to have done(talented people take risk and do so without any fear). In all honesty I could care less what email platform Hillary uses because I know that politicians will by default get rid of anyone who can’t get the job done because of their aggressive nature (why do you think Obama got elected, America got so desperate to change the way things were done that they elected a black man to represent the entire nation. Something a lot of black thought would never happen.) This is the only reason I believe America is so great, everything we do we do with aggressiveness. Whether it’s good or bad I repeat, we do everything with aggressiveness (two perfect examples to illustrate this point: the success of slavery and the success of abolishing slavery. A more passive country would have been content to keep things the way they were, but an elite and aggressive nation like America realized the pitfalls of slavery, and went to war internally to change this way of thinking.)

So being a man who can look at things from an objective point of view, the way I see this entire scandal is like this. Any time a politician sees an opportunity to take out a big fish like Hillary Clinton, that concept of elite aggressiveness rears its beautiful (sometimes ugly) head. The common man or woman has nothing to really fear about this controversy, and in all reality most people are overreacting and focusing way too much on this issue.  However I support whoever is perusing this issues and their right to do it.

You see, I can look at the bigger picture and analyze the results of this aggressive pursuit of the truth, no matter how insignificant it may appear. It forces people in power to remain grounded and not get too big for their britches as my grandma used to say. It makes those who got by by taking shortcuts have to innovative and survive or get killed in the pursuit of justice( not in the legal sense but the civil sense).

Comment Sections Show Me Men are Becoming Weak

Being a real man who grew up in an environment where you could beat the hell out of someone who talked trash to you (or get your behind beat depending on your level of fighting skill).I find that social media is the worst thing that’s happening to young men today, specifically the infamous comment section.

On most of these websites the actual content of the original post isn’t what’s important. It’s the comments that people post that get the most attention. And when you look at these comments you see something shocking. A lot of people talk tougher than I believe a lot of them actually are.

I’m not saying I’m the best fighter in the world, but I have a feeling that a lot of these internet tough guys aren’t either and I seriously doubt the fighters in the UFC populate the majority of these comment sections.

What I believe this is leading too (just to get to my point). Is a society where men will become as catty as pageant queens and their girlfriends (if they can get one) will become the leaders of the household. I’m not saying that a strong woman is a problem, but me being a real man don’t know if I could honestly handle having a woman who was as old or maybe even younger than me, support both of us.

Yes, I know this may be a stretch to some of you but I can see signs of it already. Every day I turn on the T.V and I see the Kardashians being analyzed for more than their sex appeal. (I don’t mind talking about how big their butts are but anything after that I could care less about.) I then see something more shocking; Grown ass men on these talk shows gossiping and obsessing over their latest tweet or Facebook post, and doing it with the enthusiasm of a 12 year old tween.

I then go and check out the actual post and I see some guy who’s in his 30’s has left a comment 500 words long and I ask myself this question. If this is crazy for a female to do, what does it say about the man who does it?