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Welcome to Mertavius.com, I’m a future radio host currently looking for an opportunity in the business. For as long as i can remember I’ve been a fan of broadcasters from a variety of backgrounds. Whether its Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Steve Harvey or Opie and Anthony. I listen to them all and have been influenced in different ways by each.
You may be asking yourself, why is this guy saying this? Who cares if you listen to radio, who cares who influenced you?
Don’t worry if that thought went through your head because its understandable, I’ve had people ask me these questions to my face, as they were trying to kill my dream so I don’t hold you responsible if thats the way you think. Theirs probably someone in your life who has tried to and successfully killed your will to believe in yourself and go for your dreams.
However you should know this about one MERTAVIUS ROBERTS. I’m am going to continue to pursue my dream to get on at some radio station and eventually do what I know I was born to do. RUN MY DAMN MOUTH FOR 3 TO 4 HOURS A DAY LOL.

If your interested you can view my resume and contact information at the top on the page titled Resume, you can also view some clips from my radio show as well.

Say somethin' Dammit! lol

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