Gov. Perry: Obama doesnt care if border is secure

The only thing in life more upsetting than a outlandish conspiracy theorist, is a outlandish conspiracy theorist who knows better and still says such reckless things.

Gov. Perry recently alluded to the fact that the Obama administration could possibly be looking in the other way, while numerous Hispanics enter into the country illegally.

When I hear the Governor make statements like this, I instantly relate this to my current embarrassing child hood habit of watching pro wrestling; and a scenario I’ve seen a million times. Hopefully this will illustrate how obscene Perry’s statements are.

Gov. Perry is a wrestling fan sitting in the audience scratching his rear end, cleaning those new glasses he got and cheering for the good guy “Border Control”. The bad wrestler who is “Obama” is getting destroyed and on the verge of losing to “Border Control” when “Obama’s” evil manager “Mr. Democratic Party” gets on the apron and starts distracting the referee. Suddenly appearing from the crowd, “Mr. Illegal Immigration” slides Obama a steal chair which he cracks over the head of “Border Control”, knocking “Border Control” unconscious. And in in unison “Mr. Democratic Party” drops down from the apron as the referee see’s Obama pinning “Border Control” for the win.

This is the only scenario that i can relate this too, because Perry seems to be buying into fake story lines and is apparently begging to believe these “stories” are real